Mikage Celestine (notakor) wrote,
Mikage Celestine

[Voice / Action]

[Well... his room is empty, and searching around the village has gotten him nowhere. On top of that, Konatsu's place is looking pretty bare, too.

So Shuri got what he wanted. That's good, right? So... he'll be happy. For Shuri's sake, anyway.]

Ah... everyone... I just thought I'd let you know that Shuri Oak and Konatsu Warren have been sent home.


But! I'm glad he went back, he'd just complain about this place if he was here anyway, right? He's better off at home where he's safe and happy. I'm gonna go to the park to celebrate, so if you were friends with him, play a game or ride something in his name, okay?

Hey, Teito! We're going today for sure! And Haruhi, look at the mountains if you want your birthday present- that's all I'm gonna say!

[True to his word, Mikage is going to spend today - and several days after - having as much fun as humanly possible at Lucetiland so feel free to bother him there.

Also, he's a bit tired the first day, on account of - after giving up on finding Shuri, and as a way to cheer himself up - staying up half the night on his little 'project'. Said project was finished during the night, and by morning a very familiar emblem will be visible on the side of the mountain, carved into the rock via his zaiphon. It doesn't cover a huge amount of space, since he only has so much range, but it's certainly visible from most of the village if there's a clear view of the mountain.]
Tags: dammit shuri, defacing nature is fun, he tried his best okay, next step is haruhi rushmore, teito we're going on a date
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