Mikage Celestine (notakor) wrote,
Mikage Celestine


[So Mikage looks a little different today. He's lowered his voice, lightened his hair, gotten himself some colour contacts, and a bit of face paint to cover his scar. In fact, he looks an awful lot like... this.

Oh, and he just so happens to have stolen Shuri's journal. Yep. it's revenge time.]

Good afternoon, Luceti! I'm sure you all know me, but those who don't- I'm Shuri Oak, the most important person this village will ever know! And I have an announcement, so you should all listen up!

I want to proclaim my affection, loud and proud, for... Mika-chan! Yes, you are the lucky winner of my love. You should join me at once to celebrate.

But there's someone else... Sir Konatsu! Such a wonderful friend and protector to me! I care for him so much that I even turned into him during the last love event! How can I possibly choose between two such amazing people?

Luceti! I ask for your advice! Who is my true love!?
Tags: don't play the player, in a much better mood, pranking time, sorry shuri, spoiler: he's not sorry
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