Mikage Celestine (notakor) wrote,
Mikage Celestine

[Voice / Action]

[Over the journal system comes a very familiar voice- two, in fact, sounding exactly the same.]

Attention SOS Brigade! This is your leader, the one and only Haruhi Suzumiya!

No, this is your leader, Haruhi Suzumiya!

Well we can't both lead the SOS Brigade! Especially when I'm the real Haruhi!

Stop pretending to be me, you imposter! You'll regret it!

Fine! Whatever! Let's just split the Brigade up and each have our own. Then I don't have to deal with my fake anymore!

Fine by me! The sooner I'm away from you, the better!

Good. Whatever. Well I'm taking Yoohoo!

Wha- hey! Fine, I'll take Rena!

Minako! Naoki! Leon! Hanyuu! Cordelia! Taichi! Uriko! Kurt! Mikage!

.......You can take Keiichi too.

... no no. You take Keiichi. That makes it even! You can be the hope of his universe.

That's stupid, I don't need it! I want to trade!

There's no take backs!

I never took him!

Well I know I didn't, so that means he's definitely yours, so there! Deal with it.

Ugh, whatever! Fine, Keiichi, you're with me! But you have to do all the crossdressing! ...and Kurt, too!


[The two "Haruhi"s can be found in the SOS Brigade building, after meeting rather awkwardly in the clothing shop trying to find something decent to put on besides their own clothes. The two of them are in fact Mikage and Kurt... not that they're telling anyone that. |D They'll be looking around through the Brigade costumes for fun stuff to wear. And probably laughing, because the entire situation is ridiculous...

Threads can get Mikage and Kurt at once, or either one of them! Mikage is notwhoever and Kurt is fivefootbamf.]

[Later on in the evening, Mikage-as-Haruhi will be returning home, but not without more deviousness to be had. He's bringing a DELICIOUS CAKE back to House #35 and leaving it on the kitchen table. And then hiding and waiting to see who helps themselves to it. Or talks to it- because it just happens to have "Mikage" scrawled in icing on the top. Now is it for him, or maybe it is him...]
Tags: brigade splitting, event, haruhi don't kill them, the clones of haruhi suzumiya, the gods must be crazy, worst team ever
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