Mikage Celestine (notakor) wrote,
Mikage Celestine

[Voice / Action] (Backdated to the 21st, thanks for failing LJ)

[Filtered to the SOS Brigade]

Okay guys, we're just a couple of days away from the Autumn Equinox, and since the boss put me in charge of organizing this one, it's time to really get going with the preparations! Everybody report in, I've got jobs for you!

Oh, and Kurt's exempt! So it's up to you whether or not you feel like getting involved.


Hey everyone! Just a little reminder that the Autumn Equinox Festival, hosted by the SOS Brigade, will be happening in two days, on September 23rd! The location is the southwest end of the village, just around the area of the rec center, and it'll start in the afternoon, so feel free to come by whenever you want. It might run late, so be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before! Otherwise you-

[There's sounds of a scuffle, then a bark, and suddenly Mikage gasps ("Hey!") and another scuffle follows. It's a jumbled mess for a moment as the journal is carted off through some bushes before Mikage's able to wrestle it back.]

Hey, little guy, you shouldn't- ....wait, Elizabeth? Elizabeth III?

[There's a quiet bark heard over the journal.]

...No way!! You're here!

[And that's when the journal entry is abandoned. Shortly after, Mikage can be found hanging out around House 35 and the plaza, tossing a stick for a curious little dog.]
Tags: cutest thing ever, elizabeth!!!, mikage's the boss today, no protests allowed shuri, pets are awesome, sos brigade
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