Mikage Celestine (notakor) wrote,
Mikage Celestine

[Accidental Voice / Action]

[The journal seems to have been knocked over, catching the middle of a conversation. Two obviously male voices are arguing over something, though the topic is somewhat... questionable.]

Come on, Shuri, don't be stingy!

I said No! Get away from me!

The beautiful maiden is supposed to find me irresistible, you know!

I'm not a-! You're just a freak!

And you're a spoilsport. Just this one scene, it'll be funny!

I'm not letting you bite me! S-stop it!

But-! 'I vant to suck you blooood!'

What is wrong with you!?

I can't help it! It's part of my nature!

[There is a sudden whoosh of air, followed by a terrified, girlish-sounding shriek, and the journal abruptly cuts off.

Anyone in the 07-Ghost (or outside shortly after) might notice a strange scene; Mikage, dressed in a black suit and cloak ensemble with fake bloody vampire teeth, chasing around Shuri, who is dressed in a rather slinky black dress. Mikage will get back to the journal to rescue it soon enough.]
Tags: he's not cheating or anything, mikage get away, mikage watches too many movies, o hai teito?, shuri is delicious
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